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“Research on Waxjet direct engraving technology and its system” passed national scientific technology authentication

From:Printing & dyeingDate:2015-02-06

On July 12, China Textile Industry Association held a party for national scientific technology authentication on “Research on Waxjet direct engraving technology and its system”. Academician, Mr. Zhou Xiang, from Chinese Academy of Sciences is the director of the authentication committee. This project is the special subject of Chinese “tenth five year plan” which is carried out by Hangzhou Kaiyuan Computer Technology Co., Ltd. With the two years of hard work, Kaiyuan succeed in Sanax rotary waxjet, flat waxjet, to reach the speed of 6min/㎡ for engraving. Now Kaiyuan has a production line for 100 yearly sets, applied for patents. Till now, the total selling amount is RBM 39,860,000 and profit RMB5,140,000, tax RMB3,200,000, export  USD400,000.

That day, the specialists presented listened to the report carefully. At the same time, they visited the manufacturing part. Direct waxjet engraving machine is the first engraving machine without using films in China. It takes the place of traditional technology, shortens engraving time, and greatly improves efficiency. So, all the specialists agreed to pass the authentications on this project.
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